I’m a Sussex-based writer, spoken word artist and coach. This is my website for my creative writing, mentoring/coaching, publishing, performance and other artistic output. In May 2014 I travelled to Saint Lucia to perform and teach as part of the Fringe Saint Lucia. Please see some of  photos of what was an amazing experience of exchange and meeting beautiful students and artists!

Furthermore I performed at Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe  22 May 2014 as part of a literature and film event series called Limin as part of the exchange with Fringe Saint Lucia. Over a week I performed with award winning poets and writers  such as Adrian Augier, Alphonse ‘Fish’ George, Kendel Hippolyte and Bocas 2014 Award winning Vladimir Lucien and the internationally known  John Agard, Grace Nichols and other UK based writers Umi Sinha, Dean Atta, Jacob Ross.

Stay tuned for more for future performance dates.

Akila x